Executing the perfect search


of prospects

Interviewed, 50% recommended



to complete where industry average is 90



in terms of race and gender

Key Take-aways

  • Interviewed 6% of prospects, recommended 50%, client interviewed 100% of those
  • Search completed in 75 days. The industry average is 90 days
  • The final slate was two-thirds deiverse both in terms of race and genders


A change communications agency based in Toronto and Chicago that has worked with Fortune 1000-sized organizations for over 25 years to help leaders inform, engage, and inspire their employees.


The company retained Felix to search for a Managing Director of their Chicago office.  They had moved an employee from Toronto to Chicago to open the office 4 years earlier and she now wanted to return.  The Chicago office only had 3 junior level employees so essentially this was a startup opportunity for an agency with a 25-year track record.

The role of the Managing Director focused on 4 critical elements: 1) business development, 2) expanding client relationships and ensuring delivery, 3) leaderships skills, recruiting talent, developing the team, and 4) operational oversight for the office, managing a P&L.

The client’s deep industry knowledge helped identify target firms however his reliance on evaluating candidates based on degrees of separation from his own network was a challenge.  Additionally, there weren’t a lot of agencies that specialize in change/internal communications so the pool of prospects with direct experience was limited.  Early in the search the client identified business development as key to the job which helped focus our attention on the differentiating skillset that was critical to the successful candidate.  Business development is not a skill that is well developed at most agencies and the compensation of existing Managing Directors or Principals at agencies and consulting firms was out of our reach.

Impact & Results 

With nearly 100 original prospects identified, 6 candidates went through multiple rounds of Felix interviews and assessments.  We then recommended the 3 top candidates to the client to interview.  The successful candidate was veteran communicator, and industry leader of more than 20 years, with a wealth of corporate communications experience, and former Founder/CEO of several public relations agencies.   The search was completed in 10 weeks. The efficiency of the project was a result of open and timely communication and a sense of urgency on both sides.

How Felix Made A Difference

Felix collaborated with the CEO who clearly articulated the brand history, strategy, growth plans, and technical and cultural fit. Felix targeted large national agencies, local boutiques, and consulting firms. Corporate Communication Officers were ruled out as targets because they lacked the required business development skillset. Some agency executives preferred to go in-house rather than leave one agency to go to another.

Felix met weekly with the client which helped calibrate candidates. The CEO met candidates multiple times early in the process which is unusual for a C-suite executive but was valuable to the relationship-building and the evaluation process.

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