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What’s the best part about working at Felix? The people.

We are a people organization – we know people, we help people, we value people. It is core to who we are, and our team reflects that.
We are disciplined yet fun, experts yet learning, self-starting yet collaborative, and an ever-supportive group driven by the purpose of our work and the joy we get from being part of a team with a collective goal. Our mission? Supporting world-class organizations and individuals to navigate work and life in an ever-changing world.

We live our mission first and foremost in our own organization. Our team was eager to answer the question ‘Why do you like working at Felix”? The responses pointed to some clear themes which highlight the cultural fabric of our organization; purposeful and rewarding work, autonomy and flexibility in how we work, the connectedness of our team, and the opportunity to do great work with great customers.

Why do we like working at Felix?

Chloe Coppersmith

“I feel very seen working at Felix. There is a sense of genuine care for each person at the organization; people care about what you have to say and any questions/comments/concerns you have. It really makes my job that much more enjoyable.”

Chloe Coppersmith
Director, Recruiting

Bob Ryan

“Fast paced with purpose, great people and feeling that I add value to clients and my colleagues.”

Bob Ryan
Managing Director

Laurie Melissen
“I’ve worked at Felix for almost all of my professional career. Two things I love most is the flexibility I’ve been afforded to help balance my personal and professional life and our customers, I enjoy connecting with them to share the breadth of solutions that Felix has to offer.”

Laurie Melissen
Director, Customer Success

Stepanie Benesh

“I have made Felix my work home because of the people…Our team really enjoys working with one another, making it easy to collaborate to find the best solutions for our clients, in innovative and exciting ways.”

Stephanie Benesh
Managing Director and Practice Leader
Talent Development

“I have clear opportunities daily to make a lasting impact on my clients AND this organization. I’m surrounded by great people who all collectively buy into each other’s personal and professional aspirations.”

Skyler Gamm
Senior Director, Talent & Organizational Performance

Tracy Simon

“Everyone hugs and everyone is so nice!”

Tracy Simon
Client Services manager

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