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Felix Global offers a partnership with a team of thought leaders who deliver integrated solutions for organizational and talent transformation.

The Felix approach is based on the knowledge that the most effective solutions draw insight from a broad range of disciplines to best meet organizational and talent goals. That is why Felix has been carefully constructed to encompass content experts in key areas of expertise. Whether we are building a multi-discipline, integrated solution or highly specialized services in one of our core practices, our team combines thought leadership with high-touch delivery to make an impact.

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Felix Results – Case Study

Recruiting and reshaping a sales force

In 2022, the company kicked off “Salesforce Optimization” efforts which included hiring for a new 100+ employee sales organization. As part of a strategic company-wide initiative, they set out to create an internal, fully employed salesforce that could speak to a broader audience while bringing science, research, and data to all conversations with current and prospective clients. This was a significant change from the previously used independent dealer salesforce model. This effort was part of a long-term strategy intended to enable sustained growth in the decades to come.

We practice, and we preach

We believe in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) because they are essential components of any talent and organizational strategy and because we have seen first-hand the tremendous benefits of embracing DEIB in driving organizational culture.

Culture is organizational DNA

Organizational culture shows up in everything we do from living our core values everyday, to demonstrating our commitment to know the organizational identity of our customers.
A strong culture is the backbone of organizational success, and it’s built on the values, beliefs and behaviors of the collective. At Felix, our values are embedded in every aspect of our work; from how we operate as a team, to our services, and most certainly in our customer relationships.


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