Who We Are

Why Felix?

We are a team of thought leaders dedicated to our crafts. With each client we work with – and in our organization – we live and breathe our core values of partnership, collaboration, and excellence.

With over 30 years of successful client engagements, we have built a reputation for service excellence in talent and organizational consulting.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to customer intimacy. To us, this means a belief in the positive impact of investing time in understanding our customers’ unique strengths, challenges, needs, preferences, and organizational culture – insights that enable us to execute innovative, customized, expert-driven solutions.

Because we hold our customer relationships in such high esteem, we receive their feedback, allowing us to hone our strengths, and as a result, we are acutely aware of what we do well from the perspective of those we serve.

Our ability to integrate strategic advisory with flawless and dedicated service delivery is a core differentiator of our business. Our expert knowledge, combined experience, and our belief in collaboration throughout our organization allow us to tackle challenges at the most strategic organizational level while, at the same time, the depth of our expertise in our core disciplines drives best-in-class delivery and client satisfaction. A combination that few organizations do well.

Our flawless delivery encompasses tailored solutions to help people and organizations thrive. Whether we are building a multi-discipline, integrated solution or highly specialized services in one of our core practices, our team combines specialized thought leadership with high-touch delivery to make an impact.

A Felix Story

Jim Graham (CEO) reflects on a personal journey of work and life and the path to Felix.

Our mission is simple: Supporting world-class organizations and individuals to navigate work and life in an ever-changing world.

Early in my career, I realized I had a passion and a curiosity to understand human behavior. I would observe habits – people that walk quickly across a street, those that take their time, the McDonald’s customer service person that would always try to upsell you on something you had not ordered, the successful ones always doing so with a smile on their face and enthusiasm in their voice, and so on. Intuitively, I always believed in the premise that no two individuals are exactly alike. Yet it puzzled me that individual differences, preferences, and work styles seemed undervalued by companies, and their potential for performance misunderstood. Organizations used catchy phrases like “people are our most important asset”. This was essentially trendy language used as fodder for the annual report at the time.
In 2003, when we launched Felix, it was to help individuals and organizations really understand the importance and value of fit, how to ensure high performance and as a result, achieve great results.

Results that matter for the individual in terms of a rewarding career, opportunities to grow and develop, working with people they like, to be valued, and to be fairly compensated for work performed.

For organizations, it isn’t about catchy phrases. It never was. It is about understanding that if you harness the potential in human beings, you will build a winning culture and correlate great people, high performance, and a strong brand with outstanding results.
Core to our mission, we have always remained true to the value of customer intimacy. This means taking a long-term view and working hard to be considered a partner and a trusted advisor.

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