How you handle employee departures can define your organization

Change is a fact of life and business. How your organization handles change has a profound impact on your employees, your culture and your reputation. Felix provides integrated solutions for managing employee transitions that maintain productivity, reduce stress and protect your brand.
From helping participants identify their transferable skills to strategies that help them stand out in a crowded market, we’ve got everything they need for Career Transition to Career Management. We offer Fully customized one-to-one support to meet the specific needs of each unique client; whether it’s a career journey, retirement transition, self employment or a hybrid. Support your outgoing employees through times of change and provide compassionate, future-focused transitions with personalized support that never expires.

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Career Transition

We support transition at every level in every form

From entry level positions to C-suite leaders, from individual transitions to large scale notification events, Felix has the knowledge and the resources to handle the change your business needs. Our approach is high-touch, customized and personal. We partner with your team to help you do the right thing for your exiting employees and the organization as a whole.

Align support for your exiting employees – contact us here.

Career Management

Empower your employees to own their career

Career Management helps you develop and keep good employees. Using leading-edge assessment tools, we identify opportunities to up-skill and re-skill employees and help them establish goals that keep them engaged and motivated. This reduces turnover, improves morale and leads to increased productivity.

Specialized Services

Enhanced Career Transition Programs for persons with disabilities

Felix is the only career transition practitioner that provides services specifically for people with visible and non-visible disabilities. We give them direct access to a certified career coach, expert resources and networks designed to meet their unique requirements and ensure success in their current or future role.

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Case Study: Doing the right thing for your company and your people

November 2022, a referral/introduction was made to the firm from a long-term client of Felix.

The client would be losing almost 50% of it’s workforce due to new automation at the company. The CEO wanted to explore the services available to assist his team members during their challenging, but necessary transition. He wanted to provide support to the outgoing employees as well as the remaining employees whose jobs were not affected.

The biggest challenge was keeping the program confidential leading up to the implementation of the automation.

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