Finding a leader the role they deserve

1 CEO in waiting

without a clear path to growth

$750M Firm

needs new leader for growth


while remaining in preferred location

Key Take-aways

  • Found a CEO-in-waiting the perfect CEO role
  • Significantly increased compensation
  • Remained in their preferred location


Jane had been the Division President leading a $1B industry segment for a large multi-billion dollar packaging company. She had also led the other segments of the company over recent years and felt that despite great success in each of her roles, she could not advance any further.


The next step was the CEO role and they had not given her any indication when – or more likely, if – she would be able to ascend to that position. She had taken lateral moves to get to her current role but she felt that she was now blocked. She knew she needed to go outside the firm to achieve her goal but had not gone through a search in 20 years, particularly at this level. She approached Felix’ C-Suite Advisory for help.

Impact & Results 

Several months later she connected with a private equity backed $750M packaging company and we helped her leverage her skills and experience into a CEO role – including a substantial increase in her cash and total compensation and the ability to stay where she was located.

How Felix Made A Difference

In the course of our deep assessment to identify her key strengths to leverage, and the specific targets to approach, we determined that Private Equity would be her best objective. Her assessment feedback disclosed that her management style, personality and experience base was ideal for that setting. She was soon launched to executive search, PE and target companies while we strengthened her network through personal introductions. Her Mock Interview with a search exec friend of the firm provided her critical feedback to strengthen her delivery and articulation of her value proposition.

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