Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

We practice and we preach

As a leader in talent and organizational excellence, we understand the role that diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) play in creating strong, resilient, and innovative teams and organizations. Through our own business practices, we make it a priority to live out the strength of our commitment to DEIB in our hiring practices, access to advancement, workplace policies, and ingrained cultural practices within our organization. Our aim – through our employees, coaches, suppliers, and partners – is to be reflective of the diversity within the organizations that we serve. By living DEIB within our own organization, we are a stronger team and a better partner in driving talent and organizational excellence for our clients and their organizations.

Diversity drives performance

We consider diversity to be the mosaic that makes up the fabric of our organization – the ways that we are similar or unique from each other – and the potential power it holds for our team to truly perform. Layered with equity, inclusion and belonging – diversity comes to life.

Inclusion values all

Creating and sustaining an organizational culture of psychological safety, where everyone is valued for being their authentic self takes intention and commitment – and it drives an inclusive culture for the long-term.

Equity enhances the entire organization

The impact of a diverse team is unleashed when access to learning, support, opportunity and advancement are equitably provided to each person, allowing diversity of perspective, experience and mindset to flow through all levels in the organization.

Belonging builds incredible teams

Belonging is the most difficult to achieve and sustain in an organization. It’s what sparks the desire for team members to show up – for their team, for themselves, for their clients, for each other – because they know they will be supported and celebrated for their uniqueness.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

How we help organizations drive their DEIB strategies forward


Over 10 years ago, we recognized a need to actively support our customer organizations in the advancement of underrepresented groups into more senior leadership positions. Initially with a focus on women in leadership, we created our Sponsorship program – a six-eight month cohort-based program that pairs individuals with senior leaders in the organization who ‘sponsor’ their development and advancement. Protegees gain access to more senior networks, greater visibility in the organization, and development opportunities through coaching, action learning, and ultimately a sponsor who will advocate for their advancement in senior circles. Sponsors gain visibility to top talent often outside of their purview, and opportunity to hone their coaching and mentorship skills.
Sponsorship embeds equity into the practice of developing leaders – a value that is core to Felix in our own talent strategy and in how we support our customers. The result: organizations create a culture of equitable advancement resulting in greater diversity – and diverse perspectives – in senior leadership positions and bolster their ability to attract and retain talent and build strong talent pipelines for the future.

Persons with a disability program

As the exclusive provider of unique Specialized Career Transition programs for persons with disabilities, we provide a level of direct support, guidance, and advocacy that goes well beyond our core career transition program. Individuals receive support that is directly aligned with their specific needs and definitions of success and are better able to combat the known barriers to employment that people with disabilities often experience.
Our programs give employers an opportunity to provide enhanced and highly customized support on an individual basis and promote the equitable and inclusive treatment of exiting employees in their organizations.

Building Diversity through Executive Search

Our executive search strategies bring extraordinary and diverse people together to build talented teams, both for our clients and the search teams we place on our projects. We partner with our clients to understand the diversity, equity and inclusion landscape of their organization and build a process that has inclusivity at its very core.
We actively consult with our clients on market data to strive for pay equity in their offers. Over the course of our engagement history, our prospect pool has on average exceeded 50% in diverse candidates; primarily women, veterans and self-identifying people of color, but more broadly defined as individuals identifying with more than one underrepresented group. Decisions are never made based on any prohibited ground, however, Felix is devoted to going above and beyond to execute Diversity Equity and Inclusion Recruiting, ensuring our prospect pool is targeting a diverse population.

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