Transitioning to Board work



to find board positions



1 public and 2 private


to enjoy life while remaining relevant


Tania was a successful CFO at a large public company and had just received her retirement package after 15 years at that company.


Tania knew that she wanted to join boards but had never needed to proactively seek out roles in the past and wasn’t sure she had the right network to be successful. She knew, however, that she enjoyed having a purpose and engaging in intellectual conversations with other professionals. She did not know how to navigate the board recruitment process, and apart from non-profits, she had never served on a corporate board.

Impact & Results 

Just 1 year later, Tania sits on 3 corporate boards; 1 public company board, and 2 private company boards, and she is keen to join more boards as she builds out a portfolio.

How Felix Made A Difference

Tania joined the Board Development Program through The C-Suite Advisory group at Felix. The program prepares and positions professionals like Tania to build the right brand, network with the right individuals and ultimately land board seats. The program is run by business former leaders and advisors. She was guided through the process of choosing the right board, the application process, the interview and even her first 90 days on the board once she was selected.

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