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The C-Suite Advisory, formerly known as Shields Meneley, works with C-Suite Executives, Partner-level individuals and high potentials on their way to the C-Suite. Our Coaches/Advisors have all held senior operating roles with full P&L responsibility, so we provide relevant business experience, objectivity, networks, and confidentiality. We’re a dedicated team who provides insightful assessments, relationship-building opportunities, performance coaching, and guidance for all forms of leadership and career transition. Clients rely on our expertise to reach their goals more quickly and achieve better quality results.

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C-Suite Coaching and Advisory

C-Suite Coaching & Advisory

Advance your Business from Within

It’s often the best and the brightest who benefit most from working with a senior coach who reinforces the need for focus and warns against becoming distracted by urgent yet unimportant issues. Executives need confidential, objective counsel to weigh critical strategic options. Our unique approach that combines “straight talk” and empathy allows The C-Suite Advisory to create a relationship that has a positive, long-lasting impact on executive success. Our coaching process focuses on linking executive behavior to business results, and because our coaches have all held senior operating roles with full P&L responsibility, we bring relevant business experience, objectivity and confidentiality to what can be a difficult process of self-disclosure and learning.

“My coach was instrumental in helping me transition to the CEO role in my company. Not only did he help me define the expectations of the Board, but he was also a thoughtful and confidential conversation partner throughout the process.”

— CEO of a $3B Public Company

C-Suite Transition

C-Suite Transition

Continued Loyalty

If the experience of separating from an executive is not managed well, a company can take what is already a very challenging situation and make it far worse for all parties involved. In working with The C-Suite Advisory, we help ensure that the toughest of moments are actually an opportunity for your organization to communicate some of its best qualities.
More than conveying compassion and care, we’ll work with your executives in transition to create a customized plan that rebuilds their confidence, with an eye toward ultimately introducing them to the possibilities to come.
We have learned that there are only “two degrees of separation” at the top of Corporate America. Many senior executives stay in the community where they begin their search and/or return to the industry from which they came. Executives often land where they can influence your brand. It is important that you maintain that goodwill so that they will speak positively of the company in future decision-making roles.

“We believe in taking care of all our alumni.”

— Big 4 Accounting Firm

Corporate Board Access

Corporate Board Access

Offer your C-Suite Executives a development program they actually want

For many top executives, a natural evolution of their development is to serve on either their own executive board or to serve as an Outside Director on other corporate boards. The market is competitive, the search demanding, and the process nuanced. You want your best people to be focused on your business and not distracted. The C-Suite Advisory will get your executives board-ready in the shortest time with minimal impact on your business. The value board service brings to your business is improved strategic thinking at the management level, high-level networking, and corporate brand development. Your C-Suite will be representing your company at the highest levels and connecting with influential people in industry, in all cases leading to positive outcomes.

“We consider our executives serving on boards as part of our brand strategy and our professional development strategy.”

— COO, Fortune 1000 Company

Post-Corporate Strategy

Post-Corporate Strategy

Loyalty Reimagined

Your elite executives or partners can continue to influence your brand and generate opportunities for your business beyond goodwill even after they have left or retired from the firm.
Investing in your best people who have built relationships and will leave legacies behind can have many positive outcomes for your company’s image and encourage further expansion.
Traditional outplacement services often deliver mid-level career coaching that does not provide these high-level executives with the advice and guidance that they require. The expert team at The C-Suite Advisory create a customized plan for your most senior level executives/partners to bring them opportunities to meet influential people, join boards, engage in consulting, and invest in their community. We ensure your company’s legacy of loyalty continues even after their retirement.

“I was not ready to retire, and I felt like I had so much to give, but I was lacking purpose and direction. The Felix team have given me a vision, plan, and introduced me to people of influence which has ultimately designed my life after retirement giving me so much to look forward to”.

— Retired Partner, Big 4 Accounting Firm

“Our elite retiring or retired Partners are encouraged to go through The C-Suite Advisory programs. We notice increased engagement with the business, more referrals and once they land on a board, we have a number of ways we can work with them.

— Partner Affairs, Big 4 Accounting Firm

Executive Assessment

Executive Assessment

Elevate Your Leadership Potential

Whether your organization is striving to identify a strong set of executive level candidates to choose from, managing a succession process or evaluating a management team belonging to a potential company you may acquire, one thing is certain: You need a full, well-rounded picture of several executives before you can make a wise decision on one that may have a profound impact on the company.

The C-Suite Advisory can assess where these individuals stand on a number of factors, including cultural fit, communication style, personality, competency and more. We’ll also be able to assist with solidifying a succession plan that efficiently identifies the strongest qualities of the next generation of leadership.

The future of your company should never be in doubt. That includes gaining a keen understanding of the talent under your roof today and those who need to be brought into vital roles. With The C-Suite Advisory’s executive assessment, you’re well on your way to actionable next steps, no matter what your company goal entails.

“We had two exceptional candidates among the senior team who were also my peers. It just made sense to go outside to experts who could ensure an objective result that no one could question.”

— Chief Human Resource Officer, $3B Telecom Company

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