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Felix is a trusted partner who brings thought leadership and hands-on management to your talent development needs. We use leading-edge assessment tools to identify the support that will maximize your people’s potential. Then we deliver comprehensive solutions, virtually and in person, with a responsive, seamless process.

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Bespoke support that deepens capabilities, refines critical strengths, and positions your leaders for long-term growth.

Sponsorship and DEI

Sponsorship Programs

More than mentorship, these relationships empower protégées and invigorate the people who sponsor them. They promote diversity and inclusion by making support and opportunities open to those who might be overlooked and underserved.

Talent Development

Talent Development

Nurture your future by giving your rising talent the skills and values they will need to lead. Increase the impact of your current leaders by developing key competencies and the interpersonal skills required to manage teams and drive business results.

Team Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness

Build connected, cohesive teams that innovate by nature, succeed through collaboration and embrace the diversity of the team.

Assessment and Insights

Assessments and insights

A suite of tools for individual and team assessment that deliver the insights needed to build better teams, leaders and business

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Case Study: Developing the underrepresented through Sponsorship

In 2013, the organization approached Felix to work with them as they were trying to ensure underrepresented populations were supported, developed, and sponsored to advance into more senior roles in the organization.

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