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Peer coaching and support for senior executives

The Felix C-Suite Advisory offers transition and development services from advisors who have held C-suite level positions and understand the unique challenges and needs of the most senior executives. Whether you are transitioning to a new position, looking to join boards or investigating your options for a post-corporate life, we can help you achieve your goals.

C-Suite Transition

C-Suite Transition

At the intersection of life and career, we can guide you

Your time is valuable and is not best spent sitting behind a keyboard most of the day trying to uncover a new career opportunity on your own. When you engage The C-Suite Advisory, you won’t be doing that. We want you out in the market meeting with people, and networking beyond your normal circles through our customized warm introductions. You need to remain highly visible, with the right brand, and have more conversations in the right “rooms”. We will prepare you for these important meetings so that you can tell your story in a compelling way and find the job of your dreams. We don’t just focus on your next role, but we look at planning out your next-next to help create a vision for ongoing career and life planning.

“My Advisor helped me negotiate a contract that included a signing bonus that more than paid for my fee.”
– Chief Engineering Officer, $1B+ private company

“My recruiter told me that they really appreciate clients from The C-Suite Advisory because they are focused, have great collateral, are prepared for interviews and make the recruiter look good”.
“The C-Suite Advisory helped me find a job that fits me, and a more fulfilling life”.

“The candidates that I receive from The C-Suite Advisory are focused, have great collateral and are prepared for interviews; they make us look good! They provide us with the information that we need to do our job and make the best decision.”
– Executive Search firm, Chicago

Board Development

Board Development

Navigate your Journey to the Boardroom

Many top executives have plans to join a corporate board for their personal development, networking and additional income while staying relevant. Board seats today are highly coveted, the market is becoming more competitive, the search process is demanding, and it requires the correct preparation and positioning. Our team of board-level experts navigate your journey to the boardroom to ensure you get there faster and more efficiently. The C-Suite Advisors maintain deep relationships with leaders in private equity, executive search, corporations, and major decision makers in the boardroom.

“Fifteen years ago you could pick up the phone and call a friend about joining his/her board. It’s a different world today. Candidates are more diverse, experience is more prescribed, and it takes a firm like Felix’s The C-Suite Advisory to help you make your way through the process.”
— Former CFO of a $750M CPG Company

Living a Portfolio Life

Living a Portfolio Life

Plan your best life

For executives, a work-life structure called the Portfolio Life is a non-traditional option designed and customized to help achieve all their life’s goals and develop a life purpose. The portfolio approach provides for meaningful work while at the same time provides flexibility – a constraint many clients see as being important for the stage of their life when their traditional career concludes. The impetus may vary spanning termination, retirement, family priorities, or simply the realization that it’s time for change. Executives today do not see “retirement”, in the traditional sense of past generations, as a viable option. Retirement-age executives still feel they have a lot to offer, they wish to remain relevant and impactful while enjoying their newfound flexibility to travel, spend time with family and maintain mind and body wellness. The C-Suite Advisory brings over 20 years of experience planning out a portfolio life for thousands of successful, happy and purpose-driven professionals.

“It didn’t occur to me that I could have more than one role after I left my organization. Hugh helped me see my options, research, and structure a roadmap, and introduced me to his high-level contacts. I am now on two public boards and one non-profit.”
— Chief Marketing Officer, $50B Global Corporation

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Case Study: An exit strategy that satisfies all needs

A senior partner with some of the largest accounts in the company had begun to think about what he would do after the mandatory retirement age of 62. He was more concerned about his clients and the firm than himself although he was starting to think about how he could stay relevant after leaving his role.