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Team Felix

Megan D’Aguilar

Past resident of Taiwan.
Half-marathon competitor.
West Coast Trail hiker.

Megan D’Aguilar

Senior Vice President, People & Strategy

Megan is driven by people and process, with a key focus on strategic growth. She brings 15 years of experience in the talent space, drawing on a background in education, adult learning, and business operations, combined with a drive for continually improving operational efficiency and team performance.

As Senior Vice President, People & Strategy, Megan is responsible for the development and execution of the corporate strategy, including business operations across practices, team and talent initiatives, and marketing strategy, all with a focus on driving strategic growth for the firm.

Joining Felix in 2015, Megan has played a hands-on role in each area of the business; working closely with corporate customers, relationship managers, delivery teams, and external partners at both the practice and enterprise level, she has an in-depth knowledge of the business drivers that impact our success. On a strategic level, she has played a key role in both the organic and acquisitional growth of Felix; aligning strategy, integration, and process to further growth and performance. In direct service to our clients, she has led large-scale career transition events, developed agile learning and development programs, evaluated and implemented learning management systems, and facilitated impactful workshops.

With years of international work experience, Megan has a deep understanding of the critical factors that shape a meaningful employee experience, including the power and potential of diverse teams. By focusing on the most impactful drivers of learning and development, Megan accelerates the growth of a diverse company culture that maximizes innovation and efficiency with optimal team dynamics.

Megan is a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) holding both a Bachelor of Education and a Human Resources Management certificate.