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Sarah Hebard

Outdoor Adventurer.
Banana Bread Connoisseur.

Sarah Hebard

Senior Clients Service Manager

Sarah is the client services manager at Shields Meneley Partners and has been with the firm since 2017. Sarah tracks and manages all client programs while providing marketing support, sales support, and administrative support to the firm. For the transition clients, Sarah is responsible for moving them seamlessly through their program and operates as their day-to-day point person. At the end of each year, Sarah provides the staff and Board with statistics collected from a wide range of company and client data to use for internal development and external marketing. She also contributes to the firm’s business development by generating high-potential leads through research and outreach.

Sarah grew up in the greater Chicagoland area and attended DePaul University in 2010, where she earned a double B.A. in English and Art, Media & Design. She currently lives near the mountains in Denver, CO.