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Natalia Espinosa

Marketing Manager

Natalia Espinosa is a dynamic marketing professional with a diverse career spanning fashion, finance, healthcare, and startups. As the former editor-in-chief/Creative Director of a lifestyle platform focused on cancer, and has honed her marketing, storytelling, and content creation skills. Most recently, Natalia has spent the last nine months freelancing as a Marketing Director, specializing in propelling companies through strategic email marketing and digital enhancement.

With a knack for dynamic strategy implementation, Natalia excels in boosting productivity and visibility through innovative design solutions. Her expertise lies in crafting compelling digital campaigns, e-newsletters, and presentations that captivate audiences and drive results. Natalia has a deep understanding of customer needs,and is motivated to deliver innovative solutions that increase sales and profitability,

Outside of work, she is an avid DIY enthusiast and family-focused individual, balancing creativity with a fulfilling personal life.