Felix Board Alliance | Private Equity-Backed Boards: Everything You Need to Know

Event Details

Date: July 11, 2023
Time: 12:00 pm
- 1:00 pm
Location: Virtual
Venue: Virtual

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Pat Hedley spent 30 years at General Atlantic running many different divisions but most notably as the Global Head of Talent and External Human Capital. In her role, she interviewed independent board members for positions and placed them on their portfolio boards. Today she serves as a Board Director, Advisor, Investor and also an Author of “Meet 100 People”, a how-to guide for those building their networks to advance their careers and accelerate their success.

She will be interviewed by The C-Suite Advisory’s Managing Director, Naomi Kent, on what PE boards look for in their independent Board Directors, how to increase your chances of being selected, and what life is like on a PE-backed board.

Keynote Speakers:

Pat Hedley, Investor, Advisor, and Author

Topic: Private Equity-Backed Boards: Everything you need to know