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    Diverse gender representation in executive teams drives a 25% increase in profits


    of companies agree that employee engagement is a key factor in organizational success


    of CEOs consider redesigning their organization as a critical priority

    What Our Clients Say

    “My Advisor was instrumental in helping me transition to the CEO role in my company. Not only did he help me define the expectations of the Board, but he was also a thoughtful and confidential conversation partner throughout the process.”

    – Partner Affairs, Big 4 Accounting Firm –

    “We had two exceptional candidates among the senior team who were also my peers. It just made sense to go outside to experts who could ensure an objective result that no one could question.”

    – Chief Human Resource Officer, $3B Telecom Company –

    “I was not ready to retire, and I felt like I had so much to give, but I was lacking purpose and direction. The Felix team have given me a vision, plan, and introduced me to people of influence which has ultimately designed my life after retirement giving me so much to look forward to.”

    – Retired Partner, Big 4 Accounting Firm –

    “Our elite retiring or retired Partners are encouraged to go through The C-Suite Advisory programs. We notice increased engagement with the business, more referrals and once they land on a board, we have a number of ways we can work with them.”

    – Partner Affairs, Big 4 Accounting Firm –

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