Nurture your rising talent at every level

Develop the next generation of leaders by investing in the leadership skills and values that matter most.


Retention Strategies


Accelerate the growth of high-potential employees

Get your top talent on the fast track to critical roles, maximizing their business impact.


Streamline succession planning

Build a leadership bench you can count on to ensure you get the right person into the right role at the right time.


Develop key leadership competencies

Close the gap between your leader’s high-potential and current competencies.


Keep your talent

Retaining your top talent takes strategy, planning, and focused efforts. Keeping your employees motivated and satisfied leads directly to increased productivity, customer loyalty, and reduced administrative costs.

Here's how Felix can help:


Program features

Candidate selection

Identify talent with the potential to advance.

Personalized 1-on-1 coaching

Give your high-potential leaders the tools and support they need to navigate to the next level.

Leadership toolkit

Offer best-in-class tools that help your talent identify and perfect their leadership style.

Group-based learning

Make learning stick with follow-ups and best practices that help put skills into action every day.

We will help you elevate your emerging leaders

Our team is energized by fresh challenges! Reach out for a customized solution that will help your support outgoing employees.


Experience matters.

As leaders in the industry, we understand that people, processes, and service matter. We accomplish all three—and then some.

There’s a reason the most important companies worldwide trust our solutions: we deliver lasting results. We empower your people to thrive in the new world of work, building transferable career and leadership skills for life.