Future-proof your business

Empower your leaders with tools, assessments, and strategies that will help them reach their potential - and beyond.


Elevate your leaders.

Engage top talent

Invest in your high performers to accelerate performance, reduce turnover, and foster a winning workplace culture.

Nurture the right skills

Build precise competencies that align with your company’s values and mission.

Reduce turnover

Increase employee satisfaction and productivity with effective retention strategies.

Build tomorrow’s careers today

Bridge the gap between the present and future with leadership pipelines that set you up for success.

Increase diversity and inclusion

Foster innovation and boost creativity with leaders who offer unique and valuable perspectives.

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Program features

Parking at the Union League Club

The event will be taking place in the Crystal room at Union League Club in Chicago. If you are travelling by car, you have the option to either Valet or Self-park in the parking garage. At the registration desk, where name badges will be picked up on the 5th floor (which is also the location of the event), parking vouchers will be provided, which can be turned in at the end of the day at check out on the 1st floor.

Sponsorship Program

Propel the growth of diverse leaders. Create a pay-it-forward culture with sponsors and protégés who, together, harness the power of diversity.


Executive Coaching

Coach your leaders to peak performance. Offer specialized support to build momentum and consistently achieve extraordinary results.


Team Effectiveness

Build high-performing teams. Create connected, cohesive, and effective teams that amplify impact.


Assessment Tools

Measure personality to determine team potential. Leverage online-based profiling tools to better understand your future leaders.


Facet5™ is a newer generation of personality assessment based on the established five factor model (FFM). Facet5™ measures five factors (Will, Energy, Affection, Control, and Emotionality) and 13 subscales and is suitable for both personnel selection and employee development.


The Predictive Index

Uncovers what drives work behavior and environments that will best satisfy our needs and explores natural tendencies in how we behave and manage others.



Discovers personal strengths and highlights areas of growth around communication preferences and fosters self-awareness and behavioral insights for developing stronger relationships.


360 Assessments

Felix Global offers various corporate 360 assessment tools for comparing self-perceptions of skills, performance, or personality attributes of an individual to the perceptions of others who work closely with that individual.

We will help you manage your talent development.

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There’s a reason the most important companies worldwide trust our solutions: we deliver lasting results. We empower your people to thrive in the new world of work, building transferable career and leadership skills for life.