Organizational Effectiveness

Understanding Organizational Culture and Leading Change


Developing and nurturing a strong culture can transform an organization putting it on the path to success. Here are our recent picks of interesting reads that will give you a perspective on organizational culture, its implications and importance.

Succession planning, internal job transfers, cross functional training, mentoring and sponsorship programs are few factors that an organization should consider to ensure an organizations unique culture strives. It is often said that personnel are the most valuable resource of any company. Ultimately, it is employees that determine the success or failure of a company.

More often than not, traditional change management techniques are not the answers to transforming cultures. It is a lot more complex. Change initiatives are only adopted and sustained about half the time. But when companies tap into the energy and emotional commitment that are bound up in their cultures, change initiatives are far more sustainable.

There are innumerable factors that influence your company’s culture - but these 6 components are key in forming a sturdy foundation to any organization. Identifying and understanding them can be the first step to revitalizing or reshaping culture in a company looking for change.

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