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Trends in Personality Assessments and Applications


Personality Assessments have been used by psychologists for many years to determine an individual’s personality traits and help her to leverage them to effectively interact with others.  Human resources executives and organizations have recognized the importance of these tools and their positive implications in developing their talent. Organizations use the information on each employee’s behavior styles and align it appropriately to benefit the organization. The latest trends have been in using such insights in coaching managers and teams to ensure better collaboration and productivity. Lately, a large number of organizations are also utilizing such tools in recruitment to ensure fit to role.

Below are a few articles we recommend to give you insights on the trends in assessments and its applications.

Personality Tests Can Help Balance a Team
The science behind personality assessment has advanced well beyond identifying types. Rigorous assessment tools reliably predict real-world behaviors and desirable business outcomes. Although many tools exist, they fall into three basic categories, because they evaluate three core elements of your personality: the bright side (how you behave when you are at your best), the dark side (how you behave when you are stressed or under pressure), and the inside (your needs, motives and preferences). Importantly, assessment tools can be used to profile not just individual team members but also entire groups — and they can indicate whether the group is likely to bond or fracture by examining qualities that predict both success and failure.

7 Tips for Using Personality Tests to Hire
Personality testing can be very useful for small businesses, where the impact of hiring the wrong worker has a disproportionate effect. But to choose the right tool and maximize its benefits, employers often must begin by broadening how they think of the process.  This article shares seven tips for when deciding to use or not use personality tests.

Five pitfalls to avoid with online personality profiling
Online personality profiling is growing fast, and a few mouse clicks can shepherd tens of thousands of candidates through the mysteries of the psychometrics process. But, what is the cost? And what are the common mistakes to avoid?

Personality assessment tools can be used in a variety of functions to assist talent management. However, it is necessary to get a clear understanding of where and how you plan on using it in your organization and then choose a tool that best fits your requirements.  Just doing a test and obtaining an automated report isn’t sufficient either. It is critical to follow-up by debriefing every candidate so she gets an understanding of her personality traits and how best to leverage it for career success.

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