In Review: The Future of Work and Life 2.0 – HR Symposium Recap


Our mission at Felix Global is to support the world’s top organizations and the individuals driving them as they navigate the ever-changing world of work. That’s why we were proud to host our Future of Work and Life 2.0 HR Symposium this past month! 

Joined by a host of industry experts and colleagues in the HR space, we gathered to understand what are the current and upcoming trends affecting HR leaders in a world of work that is increasingly shifting and intertwining with our lives as both professionals and people. 

Missed the event? Not to worry, here are some quick hits and highlights from the day. We’ll also be launching a monthly blog series going in-depth into each of the important discussions, topics and trends, so stay tuned for more!

The Future of Work

Trends In the Future of Work With SHRM CHRO, Jim Link

As the current Chief Human Resources Officer for the Society for Human Resources, Jim Link offers his expert insights into what lies ahead for the future of the industry, given that awareness around employee mental health and the importance of belonging, inclusion, flexibility and building resilience in the workplace are all moving more and more to the forefront. Specifically, when it comes to success in the future of work, HR leaders will need three new key competencies: decompression, organizational bravery and empathy/emotional intelligence.

Check out a clip from Jim’s keynote below!

Addressing the Labor Shortage and Tapping Into Untapped Talent

One of the major hurdles facing the future of work is the continued labor shortage across industries. CEO, Executive Career Strategist and Work panel moderator Nicole Johnson-Scales facilitates a discussion with panellists Jeff Korzenik and Roberta McQuade about how the ongoing labor shortage is forcing business and HR leaders to be flexible and come up with creative solutions.

As a successful Chief Investment Strategist, author, speaker and overall economic explorer who champions prison reform, Jeff highlights the best practices for hiring people with criminal records, which up until now has been an underutilized and untapped workforce. 

Roberta’s expertise as a Private Equity HR Exec and Advisor has led her to implement creative strategies to solve complex business challenges, including how to access and retain a skilled workforce. Roberta specifically highlights the retired workforce as one that is underutilized and argues that treating workers as people first goes a long way to helping attract and retain good talent.

Want to know more? Watch a highlight from the discussion below!

Defining Our Future

Living Your Values and Finding Balance With CEO and Author Harry Kraemer

Best-selling author, professor and former CEO Harry Kraemer joined the discussion to give an inspiring and interactive keynote address about how great leaders are built on mindfulness and adherence to their core values, ultimately living their values-based life. HR executives in particular have the opportunity to greatly impact the future of life in the context of work. The more business leaders can self-reflect and understand themselves, the better equipped they are to understand and relate to their team members. As people, we are all striving for a balance between our professional and personal lives, and a leader who lives that every day is a leader who is going to inspire and motivate their team to do the same.

See a part of Harry’s keynote speech below!

Transition and Living the Portfolio Life

Felix Global’s Managing Director Bob Ryan moderates our Life panel, a lively discussion about career transitions and living the Portfolio Life. With the insights and real-life experiences given by former executives Mara Swan, Mark Wattley and Elizabeth Wood, it’s clear that the idea of “retirement” is changing into an opportunity for “rewirement,” where our professional lives evolve rather than cease, as the conventional thought of retirement traditionally carried.

Hear part of the panel discussion below!

Don’t forget to catch our monthly blog series where we’ll take a deeper dive into each of the key topics discussed at The Future of Work and Life 2.0 HR Symposium!

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