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Felix VP Natalie Forward Joins Host of Totally Hyped Podcast to Talk Recruitment and How to Stand Out


Recently, Felix Global Vice President Natalie Forward joined the host of Totally Hyped - The Small Business Marketing Podcast, Cale Guin, to give insights into today’s competitive talent market and how to stand out as a recruiter. 

Whether it’s the pandemic, the Great Resignation or any other socioeconomic shift affecting the labor market, it’s always taken hard work to hire (and retain) good talent. But with skilled workers having their pick of stacked job listings and lots of LinkedIn DMs with offers, it’s definitely an employee’s market. So, how can recruiters ensure they don’t get left on read?  

Stay Flexible and Get Noticed In a Competitive Employee Recruitment Market

As Felix Global’s VP, Natalie brings her years of expertise and knowledge to the conversation. Being an active player in the recruitment, technology and human capital space for 30 years, her experience working in recruitment, outsourcing, sales, leadership and client service roles gives her special insight into what it takes for recruiters in today's hiring market to hit the ground running and grab the attention of the talent they’re looking to hire. Hint: flexibility counts for a lot.

Hear more of Natalie’s discussion with Cale on Totally Hyped by listening to the episode and its full transcript here.

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