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Felix Global & Jagger Search Join Forces: Your Secret Weapon to Win The $8.5 Trillion Talent War


The Talent War Rages On: Unprepared Businesses May Become Shell-shocked

With global talent shortages, a rapidly widening skills gap, and increasingly fierce competition for top performers, HR and talent leaders face greater pressure in 2019 than ever before.

  • There are now more open jobs than available workers: there are 7+ million open jobs in the US with only 6.3 million unemployed workers and Canada’s jobless rate is at a 43-year low
  • 70% of top candidates are not actively looking: passive candidates are the new norm in today’s tight talent market
  • The skills gap is growing rapidly as disruption accelerates: 75% of HR professionals struggling to hire cite a shortage of skilled candidates

So, how can you fight back?

Your Secret Weapon to Win the Talent War

Mid-market companies have a tremendous opportunity to get (and stay) ahead of their competitors, since only 18% are capitalizing on the benefits of proactive sourcing.

“The talent landscape has shifted dramatically in recent years and in order to win, our mindset must shift with it. Pioneers like Shake Shack’s Danny Meyer and Tony Hsieh of Zappos have shown the power a focus on relationships and customer experience can have to disrupt every industry online or offline from e-commerce to hospitality. The transactional mindset that once reigned supreme in these industries has been replaced with a focus on relationships and the realm of talent acquisition is no different. Signing the best talent in today’s competitive market requires a focus on proactively cultivating relationships”, said Jay Berard, CEO of Jagger Search.

“I am thrilled to be partnering with the fantastic team at Felix Global. It's such an exciting time as mid-market companies are evolving and beginning to see the dramatic impact a proactive search strategy can have to transform their business. This new partnership is a complete game changer and will empower us to fully support the talent lifecycle from start to finish, helping our clients conquer the new world of work.”

Referrals aren’t what they used to be: are your referral reward programs backfiring?

  • Unqualified referral candidates have increased by over 30%
  • 50% of applicants are archived as unqualified vs less than 20% for sourced candidates

It’s time to go outbound: to find the right talent, you need to source and nurture passive candidates by tapping into warm insider networks.

  • Sourcing candidates is 2x more effective than waiting on applications
  • Time to hire for sourced candidates is faster for virtually any role at any size of company

“Felix Global and Jagger share a fundamental philosophy of always going above and beyond to create exceptional customer experiences which is what formed the foundation for this natural partnership. With a people first approach, we will now be able to offer full talent lifecycle support from start to finish to simplify your life and maximize performance,” said Jim Graham, CEO of Felix Global.

“When you work with one partner who deeply invests in you to understand your needs and challenges, the results speak for themselves. From sourcing top talent to leadership development for high potentials and career transition to support change management, we make it easy for you with all of your talent needs covered under one roof.”

About Felix Global

Felix Global is a leadership development, recruiting, and outplacement firm with 30+ years of experience helping top employers future-proof their talent pools. We empower your people to thrive in the new world of work, building transferable career and leadership skills for life.

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