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Felix Global Expands U.S. Operations: Are You Ready for the New 100-Year Workforce?


July 10, 2018, 10:22 ET from Felix Global

CHICAGO, Illinois, July 10, 2018 — Felix Global, a leading privately-held career transition and leadership development firm is pleased to announce the completed acquisition of First Transitions, a career transition market leader in the U.S. healthcare industry.

Key Acquisition Highlights:

Increased North American footprint: expanding Felix Global’s strategic geographic position in the United States; strengthening talent pool and gaining five new offices

Gaining momentum: increasing market penetration into high growth segments including healthcare aligning to Felix Global’s long-term North American expansion strategy and product roadmap

Improved customer value: greater capability to add new value with 1:1 customer-centric approach at scale; real people driving real results

First Transitions is a privately-held career transition and organizational development company based in Chicago, IL. With the acquisition of First Transitions, Felix Global strengthens its U.S. market positioning and grows its talent pool, driving new ways to add personalized value at scale for its North American customers.

“We are thrilled to welcome First Transitions and all of their exceptional team members to the Felix Global family. Having known the First Transitions team and their CEO, Russ Jones for over 4 years now, I have witnessed first hand, their steadfast and deliberate commitment to executing extraordinary customer experiences every day”, said Jim Graham, CEO of Felix Global. “Aligned to Felix Global’s long-term expansion strategy, First Transitions is the perfect partner as they share a common vision and business model. With a passionately customer-oriented approach treating every customer as if they are the only customer, together we will be able to offer ‘people first’ talent development and transition solutions at a greater scale, helping our customers thrive in the new world of work.”

The New 100-Year Workforce: Are You Ready?
Demand for talent development including coaching, team effectiveness, career management, and career transition services are at an all-time high and are rapidly growing in the face of rising life expectancies and an aging global workforce.

As Deloitte’s 2018 Human Capital Trends report outlines:

• The number of retirees per worker globally is expected to decline from 8:1 today to 4:1 in 2050
• 49% of companies have done nothing to support older workers find new careers as they age
• Work in an era of 100-year lives within multi-generational workforces presents both unprecedented challenges and untapped opportunities

The companies who ignore or resist this shift pay a hefty price; public perception of age bias within a company’s culture and talent pool quickly kills social trust, damages its employer brand, and increases risk with greater exposure to litigation. Companies falling behind this curve are starting to realize the true cost of inattention as their attentive competitors thrive while they struggle to attract and retain top talent. Which side will you be on?

Continued Commitment to ‘People First’ Talent Solutions
First Transitions was founded in 1981 with a vision to disrupt the primarily enterprise occupied outplacement industry with a ‘people first’ philosophy based on Nordstrom’s winning business model. Russ Jones, CEO of First Transitions said, “This is an exciting chapter for our customers and our team; we are delighted to join forces with the outstanding people at Felix Global. This strategic partnership is the right next step in the evolution of our company as we continue to grow. Felix Global’s infrastructure, networks, and shared values position us extremely well to enter a new phase of growth while staying true to our founding vision to offer ‘people first’ talent solutions, upholding a culture of care and commitment to our customers.”

About Felix Global
Felix Global is a leadership development and transition firm with 30+ years of expertise helping North America’s top employers future-proof their talent pools. Building transferrable career and leadership skills for life, we empower your people to adapt and thrive in the new world of work. We believe in the power of moments. The moments of triumph you never forget. Our 1:1 coaching philosophy creates more moments like these, driving real growth for your people.

Learn more about how we can help you grow and retain your talent with emerging leader programs, team effectiveness, career management, and diversity initiatives including sponsorship and mentorship at:

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