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Felix is Supporting ELF this Year in an Effort to End Illiteracy


On behalf of all of us at Felix Global Corp, we wish you and your family all the happiness this holiday season can bring and a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year.

In keeping with our tradition of making an annual donation on behalf of our customers, partners, friends and associates of Felix, this year, we will be contributing towards ending illiteracy in children through the Excellence Literacy Foundation (ELF).

Staying true to our mission of unlocking potential by leveraging Strength in People TM, this year we are hoping to strengthen tomorrow’s leaders by ending illiteracy today! We are happy to associate ourselves with a foundation that assists community leaders in the development of sustainable, effective and ethical children’s Canadian literacy programs.

The Excellence in Literacy Foundation (ELF) is focused on improving literacy skills among marginalized children and youth in Canada. Their simple and highly successful method is also groundbreaking. The ELF has supported programs for over 50,000 children and provided training, literacy workbooks and small grants to 400 community organizations. Outstanding volunteers have taken their program method and materials with them to orphanages in Ghana, Lesotho and Thailand.

To know more about the initiative visit:

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