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Searching for a job is undoubtedly a stressful phase in your life and a competitive job market can make it more difficult. Digital tools via the internet and mobile phones have made a significant impact making this process easier and faster to the job seeker.

We have distilled articles that encapsulate apps that jobs seekers should leverage for their success.

works like a virtual career coach to identify your ideal job.The 52-question Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) generates a report that helps identify your key business strengths, jobs that you’re most and least likely to enjoy and even personality quirks that will help or hinder you in the interview process.

Read the rest of this article for other low-cost or free apps, which help with climbing the career ladder in countless ways—whether it’s streamlining your job search, or prepping you for the big interview.

Constant access to social and professional networks help job seekers make quick connections with new contacts and potential hiring managers.You can download various networking apps like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for free to organize your virtual network.

Networking, Resumes and Interviews – get it all on your smart phone.

Business Card Reader is an interesting app that helps you organize contacts you meet face to face. You can take a picture of a business card, reading it using text recognition technology and automatically adding it to your iPhone address book.

Another app worth having is the Pocket Resume. It allows you to format your resume and forward it from your phone while you are on the move.

So get started by downloading these apps and digitize your approach to stay ahead of the game!

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Networking, Resumes and Interviews – get it all on your smart phone.

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