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Build an Online Reputation that Impacts Your Job Search


Social media and the internet have allowed us to expand our professional network and accelerate the job search process. However, they are the same tools that allow us to post personal comments and pictures that may impact our image with future employers.

In the digital era, there is an expectation to have an online footprint; employers could question your credibility if you fail to have an online presence. As part of your job search (and generally good practice), you need to take steps to evaluate your online reputation and correct any flags.

FELIX has identified a few articles that help you build a strong presence online:

Your Future Employer Is Watching You Online. You Should Be, Too

Employers are researching each of us digitally 24/7/365 days a year. Our resumes are perpetually available online in various forms, some of which we control and some of which we don’t. Those of us who exert the necessary effort to maximize our digital reputations will be rewarded: opportunities will find us. So what do you do about it? Read this article to know how to manage your online reputation.

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5 Ways to Avoid Sabotaging Your Personal Brand Online

report by Microsoft states that 64% of HR managers think it is appropriate to look at online profiles of candidates and 41% have rejected people as a result. Your online presence — which may consist of both content that you provide (on your LinkedIn profile for instance), as well as what's written about you by people you may or may not know — is slowly becoming part of the formal recruitment process. It's also where first impressions occur before in-person handshakes are made, so you have to make sure you are managing your brand online, before someone else does it for you.  Read this article to find out five ways to avoid sabotaging your personal brand.

Harnessing Social Media For Your Personal Branding

Whether you’re a CEO looking for product exposure or a career-minded professional, one of the most important investments you can make with your time is to develop your personal brand. Social media tools from Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn put personal image management at your fingertips. What’s critical:  aligning your online persona with the values of your personal brand.

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