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Felix Congratulates the 2017 Winners of WCM's Executive Coaching Award!


Women in Capital Markets (WCM) is a non-profit advocacy organization which promotes the entry and advancement of women into leadership roles in the financial sector.

The annual Award recognizes professional women in capital markets who emulate the vision and objectives of Women In Capital Markets, demonstrate commitment to career development, and have proven ability to take on leadership roles and overcome obstacles in business.

Currently in its 10th year, the WCM Executive Coaching Award has supported the development of 44 women into senior leadership roles.

As the exclusive coaching provider of Women In Capital Markets, We’re proud to be providing all of the award winners with 6 months of individual career coaching.

The 2017 WCM Executive Coaching Award Winners Are…

  • Andreea Amariei – Director, TD Securities
  • Deanne Harada – Director, Scotiabank
  • Erika Osmond – Managing Director, Scotiabank
  • Tara Kennedy – Director, TD Securities
  • Stephanie Wolfe – Director, BlackRock
  • Marta Cano – Director, Scotiabank
  • Anastasia Kotsidis – Director, Scotiabank
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