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50 % Reduction

in workforce without major issues

Resettled Employees

engaged and actively interviewing

Culture and Morale

remain positive

Key Take-aways

  • 50% reduction in workforce without major issues
  • Separated employees engaged and actively interviewing
  • Culture and morale remain positive


The client organization was originally created to protect the families of Slovenian immigrants who predominantly worked in dangerous steel mills. They offered security for families at a time when life insurance and financial products weren’t easily accessible.

By 1909, the firm had grown from its 333 original members to over 10,000.  During World War II thousands of immigrants sought refuge in America. As many Slovenes started a new life in a new country, the firm offered solutions to members looking to protect their families and integrate into their communities.


November 2022, a referral/introduction was made to the firm from a long-term client of Felix.

The client would be losing almost 50% of it’s workforce due to new automation at the company.  The CEO wanted to explore the services available to assist his team members during their challenging, but necessary transition. He wanted to provide support to the outgoing employees as well as the remaining employees whose jobs were not affected. The biggest challenge was keeping the program confidential leading up to the implementation of the automation.

How Felix Made A Difference

Felix partnered with the client to manage the workforce reduction:

  • Guided Leadership to develop all communications, timelines, programs, ongoing communications
  • Partnered with Leadership to engage with the individuals whose positions were being eliminated.
  • Provided Individual Career Transition Programs for those whose positions would be eliminated immediately.
  • Created materials to explain Career Transition Program, ‘What will Felix Do For Me,  Welcome To Felix, Letter of Reference from CEO/Leadership, and Unemployment/Department of Employee Services instructions
  • Confidential Memo to Board of Directors and Executive Committee providing:
    • messaging for the reorganization announcement,
    • suggested Steps for Handling Terminations,
    • Scripts for Leaders and Management for the separation meetings,
    • developed policy for retained staff to participate with Felix to begin preparations for their job search campaign.
    • Coaching for managers and executives during the transition – talking points, managing their people thru the transition, and overall support.

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