Developing the underrepresented through Sponsorship


Protégées and Sponsors

In an integrated 6-month program



of strong success



of empowerment, respect and diversity

Key Take-aways

  • Proteges can articulate their career aspirations and strengths
  • Proteges build a relationship with a Sponsor outside their reporting structure
  • Gives Protégés access to a broader executive network.


The partner is a leading bank in Canada and a leading financial services provider in the Americas with 85,000 employees. They offer a broad range of advice, products and services, including personal and commercial banking, wealth management and private banking, corporate and investment banking, and capital markets.


In 2013, the organization approached Felix to work with them as they were trying to ensure underrepresented populations were supported, developed, and sponsored to advance into more senior roles in the organization.

Impact & Results

Due to the results, the organization has now run this program for over 10 years and it has expanded to other areas within the organization including, Risk, Finance, Technology, Wealth Management and Personal Banking.   They have measured, retention and promotion over the course of the 10 years Felix has been facilitating the Sponsorship program with strong success and ongoing commitment to the program.

How Felix Made A Difference

We designed, using research and best practices, an integrated 6-month program for a group of 10 Protégées and 10 Sponsors.

Protégées completed assessments to uncover deeper self-awareness and support the 1:1 coaching element of the program. The coaching process supports the evolution of the protegees personal development drawing on critical insights from behavioral assessments.

Program Implementation

The Sponsorship program is launched through a kick–off event, which introduces program objectives, generates excitement and provides participants with an opportunity to network and begin to establish rapport.

Key behavioral assessments are completed with an emphasis on raising self-awareness of strengths and challenges in relation to participating in a sponsorship relationship.

Program Execution

The identification of an Action Learning Opportunity early on in the program was critical in providing key benefits to the sponsorship relationship and program outcomes; sponsors gained an understanding of the protegee’s strengths and capabilities, it established trust, and it was a stretch opportunity to build capability and enhance visibility in the organization.

Learning and development throughout the program is anchored by coaching and advisory sessions for protegees and sponsors, targeting strategic competencies and strengths, as well as optimizing the sponsorship relationship. Delivered by senior Felix coaches, these personalized and strategic development conversations are critical in building and sustaining change.

Program Completion

The final phase of the program focuses on charting an advancement strategy to support a clear career trajectory and focus. With anchored learning, critical and actionable insights into self-awareness, newly development visibility and exposure in the organization, and continued senior-level networking opportunities, protegees are well positioned to advance into more senior positions.

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