Advancing women in leadership within Canadian capital markets



from 21 financial services companies in 2023



have participated in the program



of developing female leaders in Canadian Capital Markets

Key Take-aways

  • Participants are aware of their strengths and able to articulate them;
  • They are more confident and willing to ask for what they want
  • Overall development of leadership skills in their day-to-day role.


The partner is a national not-for-profit organization founded in 1995.  Their partners include the major Canadian bank-owned dealers, independent and foreign dealers, asset managers, insurance firms, major pension plans, regulatory agencies, exchanges, and advisory firms. it is a community of 3,500 professional and student members making it the largest network of professionals in Canadian finance who come together to vote for increased equity, diversity and inclusion.


The organization was established in 1995 to advance the involvement and impact of women in Canadian capital markets and to be a positive force for change in the industry in response to the evolving business environment. In the Canadian capital markets industry, there are substantial gaps in the level of female representation in senior management roles. The organization is committed to promoting opportunities that enhance gender diversity and encourage the participation of more females, ideally, in more senior-level roles.  

Impact & Results

Overall results and surveys continue to highlight the value of this program.   Participants comment about building self-awareness and understanding their brand.  At the same time they build confidencet to have a voice in their career journey which could include asking for a promotion, pay equity or for development opportunities.   Finally, they comment on the value of building a strong network with other women in the industry as they build their careers.

How Felix Made A Difference

The Felix Emerging Leaders Program is designed to support the development of high-potential women into more leadership roles in the industry. The initiative provides an integrated leadership program to qualified senior women over a six-month period utilizing personal assessment tools, group coaching, skills builds and individual coaching to help them plan their careers and equip themselves to compete for more senior roles.

The ultimate goal of the Emerging Leaders Program is to provide an opportunity for professionals with 5-10 years experience to develop leadership skills and enhance their likelihood of promotion.

Through our partnership with the organization, we have put over 250 women through this program in the past 8 years. It started with 12 participants and in 2023 there were over 65 participants from across Canada from 21 different organizations in the Financial Services Industry.

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