From CEO to Mayor of Dallas: Leveraging Leadership on Boards

By: Felix Global

The Felix Board Alliance recently hosted an insightful event featuring Tom Leppert, a seasoned leader with an impressive track record. Leppert’s leadership prowess is widely acknowledged from his tenure as CEO of global corporations to his term as Mayor of Dallas.

Currently serving as the Chairman of the Board for Austin Industries and holding a board position at Fluor Corporation, Leppert brings a wealth of experience. His achievements have earned him national accolades, including titles like CEO of the Year and Texas Businessman of the Year.

During the event, Leppert engaged the audience with thought-provoking discussions on various topics:

  • Problem-Solving Paradigms: Leppert emphasized the need to rethink frameworks when tackling challenges and the importance of innovative thinking in problem-solving processes.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: The discussion delved into when companies should take a stance on social issues. Leppert offered insights into balancing corporate interests with societal concerns and navigating the complexities of corporate responsibility.
  • Board Challenges in Crisis: Leppert illuminated the intricacies of board dynamics during crises. Drawing from his extensive experience, he shared strategies for effective decision-making and crisis management at the board level.
  • Education and Community Impact: Leppert highlighted the pivotal role of education in shaping communities and influencing board decisions. He stressed the significance of investing in education initiatives for long-term societal benefits.

Overall, our Board Alliance event featuring Tom Leppert was a stimulating platform for dialogue on leadership, corporate governance, and social responsibility. Leppert’s insights provided valuable perspectives for board members and industry professionals alike, fostering a deeper understanding of contemporary challenges and opportunities in the corporate landscape.

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