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Wife, mom, chauffeur.
Chicago sports fan, especially my kids’ teams.
Avid learner.

Stephanie Benesh

Managing Director, Talent Development

Stephanie’s award-winning outward mindset approach to leadership and the client experience is what has made her a dynamic talent development expert. With over twenty years of leadership experience and team management in a variety of fast paced and ever-changing environments, she has gained a true understanding of how to build great teams through leadership agility, effective communication, and emotional intelligence. Her experience spans many industries, including television production, retail, healthcare, and technology. Stephanie has an innate curiosity to learn and understand what drives teams. Her constant pursuit towards a standard of excellence, and her engaging communication and facilitation style have been the foundation of meaningful client and consultant relationships.

As a true connector, Stephanie works meticulously to understand an organization’s needs and to strategically match them with the best coach or facilitator. Her vast expertise and equal interest in behavioral assessments and the human ability to change is the catalyst to help clients discover and clearly articulate those challenges and changes that are necessary to improve their own effectiveness and team performance. This ultimately increases their quality of life within the workplace. Stephanie is certified and accredited to work in individual, group and team settings with a variety of Level B behavioral assessments. These assessments are used with the intention of building client self-awareness and developmental tools to move clients and organizations forward.

Stephanie’s passion is to help improve the quality of life for others. Drawing from personal experience, empathy for others, and expertise in connecting people, Stephanie volunteers her time and effort towards patient advocacy for both rare autoimmune disease and breast cancer patients. When she is not helping others, you can find Stephanie chauffeuring her active daughters to a softball field or tennis court, working in the yard with her husband, at a professional sporting event or attending a live music event with friends.