Executive Recruiting

Accelerate your hiring process

Our passion is helping organizations solve their critical senior talent challenges across multiple industries and functional areas of the business by identifying, assessing, and supporting the best talent for their needs.

Executive recruiting

Felix Global’s Executive Search services provide consultative, tailored recruitment solutions to meet your organization’s most pressing talent acquisition challenges. Our core offerings, delivered by a team of senior consultants and expert recruiters, include: Retained Executive Search to fill critical leadership roles, and Professional Recruiting on-demand, delivered on a project-basis.  

Our Executive Search approach is client-focused, consultative, and relationship-oriented which is why we have a 95% offer acceptance rate and a 90% retention rate for placed candidates after two years in the role.

Core services

Our targeted, results-driven approach enables our team to find the best leaders aligned to your culture.

  • Talent attraction and assessment – full executive search
  • Prospecting, research & development, targeted support for professional recruitment
  • Executive onboarding
  • Leadership succession planning
  • Diversity recruitment

Felix Select

By providing professional project-based recruiting, we are an extension of your talent acquisition team. We advance your recruiting process, while improving candidate quality and recruitment responsiveness.

Advisory Services

We accelerate performance and mitigate turnover risk by providing an executive onboarding coach for the critical first 90 days. This comprehensive coaching program shortens start-up time, accelerates learning, and improves productivity for new executives during the first crucial weeks after accepting a new position. With failure rates as high as 60% to 80% within the first 24 months of new executive-level hires and nearly half of new leaders failing in their first 18 months, we know how important it is to have the right onboarding strategy and to help avoid serious mistakes made at the very beginning.

We will help you manage your executive recruiting.

Our team is energized by fresh challenges! Reach out for a customized solution that will help your people and your business grow in the right direction.


Experience matters.

As leaders in the industry, we understand that people, processes, and service matter. We accomplish all three—and then some.

There’s a reason the most important companies worldwide trust our solutions: we deliver lasting results. We empower your people to thrive in the new world of work, building transferable career and leadership skills for life.