Change is Coming: SHRM CHRO Jim Link Talks the Future of Work at Felix Global’s Upcoming HR Symposium


As a society, we have seen immense changes to all aspects of our lives over the past few years. From our personal lives to our day-to-day in our careers, we have seen a further enmeshing of how we exist as people and professionals. Whether it’s through the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic or changes in government legislation and the political and socioeconomic landscape, people in America and beyond are living through intense change and are looking to business leaders to take a stand and lead the way. 

For example, Edelman’s 2022 Trust Index indicates that 60% of respondents are increasingly looking to their company CEOs and leaders for a response to developing social issues, with trust in businesses (61%) outranking trust in NGOs (59%), government (52%) and media (50%), respectively. It’s clear now more than ever that the ways in which we operated in the past no longer serve a shifting future, particularly in how we work and operate our businesses. 

Felix Global’s 2022 HR Symposium aims to help lead the discussion.

At the forefront of navigating these changes are the HR leaders and CEOs of businesses across industries, which is why Felix Global is proud to host its Future of Work & Life 2.0 HR Symposium on October 13th. Here, prominent figures in the HR industry will lead keynotes and engaging fireside discussions with other professionals in the field about what can be expected in the next few years as we help to lead the workforce through change while determining our own professional and post-professional lives. 

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Meet keynote speaker, SHRM CHRO Jim Link!

As the CHRO of the Society for Human Resource Management, Jim Link has his finger on the pulse of the HR industry and is specifically hearing from members what the evolving landscape of the human capital space is looking like and what the concerns and challenges are that lie ahead as expectations among workers change. He has graciously opted to lead our keynote discussion about the future of work, speaking to the trends he sees as having a major impact. 

So, what are some of the evolving trends in HR?

Jim is all about understanding workplace trends and discussing how business leaders and HR leaders alike can prepare effective strategies to manage the future of work and employee expectations as it continues to change and evolve. 

Specifically, he will speak to:

  • How the monumental change we’ve seen in the last few years is going to impact us in the next five years and what that change will look like.
  • SHRM’s data on the mental health and wellbeing space: whether people realize it or not, we’re in a crisis for mental health and emotional wellbeing. The role that HR leaders play is expanding to have to fill that need but there is currently not a lot of solutions. 
  • Why the need for emotional intelligence and the ability to build resilience is now more important than ever.

But perhaps the most pressing question facing HR leaders that Jim seeks to answer during his keynote discussion is: what are the new skills, competencies and capabilities we are going to need in order to manage these changes?

Whether it be the ability to to help employees decompress or the task of building organizational bravery and resilience along with a stronger tie to technology, HR leaders and CEOs will need to address and invest in the emotional capital that workers bring to their careers as well as the generational differences that can lead to dissatisfaction in the workplace. 

Join Jim Link and other thought leaders in the industry for an interactive and collaborative discussion on these topics and much more at our Future of Work & Life 2.0 HR Symposium on October 13th in Chicago!

Hear it from Jim Link himself:

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