Team & Culture Solutions

Strong corporate teams & cultures require a long-term vision and a consistent commitment to nurturing the best people within your organization.

At FELIX, we help our customers to engage their employees and execute effective change management through a suite of programs.

Team Optimization

FELIX will work closely with your team’s organization order to identify barriers to synergy and performance. We will then develop customized solutions that accelerate collaboration, increase performance and cultivate a vibrant, sustainable team dynamic.

The FELIX Difference

  • Uncover causes of team conflict, resulting in sustainable solutions for improved performance
  • Drive ability to achieve business objectives through team cooperation and constructive individual behavior
  • Reduce ramp-up time, accelerating team collaboration and performance of existing or new teams

Culture Assessments

Culture assessments led by FELIX aim to identify the positive attributes of your organization’s culture and brand, as well as the elements of your culture that may be holding your organization back.
Felix has a partnership with the world renowned Denison Culture tool, a survey based assessment of four comprehensive traits of culture that correlate with strong business and financial performance.

The FELIX Difference

  • Customizable Culture Survey design and distribution to suit your unique organizational needs and objectives
  • Custom reporting to meet stakeholder needs
  • Survey results provide the basis for an informed and robust discussion about the cultural strengths that can be built on, and the areas that require additional attention
  • Action oriented process, and Felix has the resources and expertise to work with your senior management team to design and implement requisite action plans

Programs for Managing Change

When change is required within a team or organization-wide, our FELIX consultants can provide you with change management insights and solutions that will help your people move forward in a fulfilling and productive manner. Our customized programs are designed to address your organization’s unique requirements, including both the barriers and enablers to change, resulting in a successful transition for everyone.

The FELIX Difference

  • Increase awareness and action at the talent, leader and organization level to drive goal accomplishment and success
  • Develop mitigation strategies for dealing with any potential barriers, while putting strategies in place to leverage the organization’s strengths
  • Enhance personal resilience levels for supporting employees during times of organizational change and transformation

Senior Management Consultation

Navigating times of organizational transition and transformation can be extremely taxing to an executive team. With FELIX, your organization’s top leaders will gain hands-on support through in-depth management consultation and strategic planning sessions. Our goal is to provide valuable insights and perspectives based on the most current thought leadership advances in order to quickly deliver desired results.

The FELIX Difference

  • Restructuring planning through work flow analysis, organizational design impact and workforce analysis
  • Restoring resilience through manager training and outplacement pre-notification planning
  • Retained consulting through ongoing consulting/advice, support and market intelligence

FELIX has helped develop Strong Teams & Cultures for…

State Street Astra Zeneca Business Development Bank of Canada  Adreima

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