Leadership Development Solutions

At FELIX, we help our customers build highly effective leaders through customized career training and executive leadership development programs.

Each program is designed with your corporate strategy and culture in mind, and to drive high-performance metrics.

Developing Strong Leaders

FELIX’s goal is to provide your organization’s leaders with the tools to become the best they can be – not just in what they know, but also in how they think, choose, act and relate. Our Developing Leaders programs leverage best-in-class methodology, adult learning principles and psychometric tools for rapid knowledge transfer and application.

The FELIX Difference

  • Build desired skills and competencies for optimal performance and future leadership
  • Unite high potential talent towards a common development goal, driving cross-functional learning, collaboration and networks
  • Leverage existing programs and data to provide an integrated and cost effective solution

Professional & Executive Coaching

FELIX’s professional certified coaches combine both coaching and business expertise. As trusted advisors, unbiased resources, and valuable sounding boards, we help your leaders accelerate performance and productivity through sustainable goals.

The FELIX Difference

  • Enhance leadership effectiveness and impact, increasing your leaders’ ability to lead during times of external and internal change
  • Empower independent operations through a transfer of knowledge and resources
  • Incorporate the needs of your business and each individual leader, thereby ensuring an experience based on coach-client fit

Talent Assessment

FELIX’s talent assessments enable you to on-board and retain top talent, thereby seamlessly supporting diverse talent management requirements, providing scientific data, and delivering quantifiable measures. We leverage a variety of proven assessment processes for our customers, such as behavior assessments (360 and employee engagement audits), as well as best-in-class tools, including career and personality assessments.

The FELIX Difference

  • Incorporation of occupational scenarios, business terminology and comprehensive reporting to facilitate corporate objectives
  • Full solution development, from custom to pre-designed products, for all organizational levels
  • Fully automated and multilingual programs, with user-friendly online administration
  • Integration with unique action planning tools for development

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Talent Acquisition

Recruiting and maintaining top talent is a demanding, critical requirement for today’s leading organizations. With FELIX you’ll gain customized and scalable recruitment and outsourcing solutions backed by in-depth research, integrated sourcing plans and a commitment by FELIX to understand the heart and soul of your organization.

The FELIX Difference

  • Run a lean organization while building and maintaining an exceptional team
  • Benefit from premium-recruiting delivery at the lowest possible cost
  • Strategically leverage multichannel sourcing and recruitment-marketing tactics including assessment tools and on-boarding
  • Ensure a positive candidate experience and professional client engagement while utilizing best in class technologies

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