Advisory Services

We accelerate performance and mitigate turnover risk by providing an executive onboarding coach for the critical first 90 days. This comprehensive coaching program shortens start-up time, accelerates learning, and improves productivity for new executives during the first crucial weeks after accepting a new position. With failure rates as high as 60% to 80% within the first 24 months of new executive-level hires and nearly half of new leaders failing in their first 18 months, we know how important it is to have the right onboarding strategy and to help avoid serious mistakes made at the very beginning.

Felix Select

By providing professional project-based recruiting, we are an extension of your talent acquisition team. We advance your recruiting process, while improving candidate quality and recruitment responsiveness.

Core services

Our targeted, results-driven approach enables our team to find the best leaders aligned to your culture.

  • Talent attraction and assessment – full executive search
  • Prospecting, research & development, targeted support for professional recruitment
  • Executive onboarding
  • Leadership succession planning
  • Diversity recruitment

Executive recruiting

Felix Global’s Executive Search services provide consultative, tailored recruitment solutions to meet your organization’s most pressing talent acquisition challenges. Our core offerings, delivered by a team of senior consultants and expert recruiters, include: Retained Executive Search to fill critical leadership roles, and Professional Recruiting on-demand, delivered on a project-basis.  

Our Executive Search approach is client-focused, consultative, and relationship-oriented which is why we have a 95% offer acceptance rate and a 90% retention rate for placed candidates after two years in the role.

Badge Pickup and Registration

Badges can be picked up at the Crystal Room Registration desk, which is located on the 5th floor.

If you have not yet registered for the event, registration will remain open until October 11th and if you have not yet received an invite, you may request one here.

Executive Coaching

Coach your leaders to peak performance. Offer specialized support to build momentum and consistently achieve extraordinary results.


Team Effectiveness

Build high-performing teams. Create connected, cohesive, and effective teams that amplify impact.


Team Effectiveness

Build high-performance teams. Create connected, cohesive, and effective teams that amplify impact.


Sponsorship Program

Propel the growth of diverse leaders. Create a pay-it-forward culture with sponsors and protégés who, together, harness the power of diversity.


Keynote Speakers

For more details on both keynote speakers and a preview of the topics they will be discussing, please see the articles on the keynotes linked below:

-Jim Link will have a keynote presentation on the future of work, click to learn more
-Harry Kraemer Jr. will be presenting about defining our future
click to learn more

Parking at the Union League Club

The event will be taking place in the Crystal room at Union League Club in Chicago. If you are travelling by car, you have the option to either Valet or Self-park in the parking garage. At the registration desk, where name badges will be picked up on the 5th floor (which is also the location of the event), parking vouchers will be provided, which can be turned in at the end of the day at check out on the 1st floor.

Career Transition

Support outgoing employees through times of change. Provide compassionate, future-focused transitions with personalized support that never expires.


Work and Life Panelists

The Work panel discussion will focus on utilizing untapped talent and the need for embracing different models or risk resignations.

The Life panel will cover personal career journeys, transitions and post-corporate life, including serving on boards and living a Portfolio Life.

For more information on what Living a Porfolio Life means, please see our article here

Company Culture

Transform your organizational culture. Connect your culture and business strategy to improve performance, employee satisfaction, and company cohesion.


Cultural Alignment

Connect your culture and business strategy to improve performance, employee satisfaction, and company cohesion.

Organizational Design

Collaborate with the leadership team to develop a target operating model at the organizational, business unit, or functional levels by employing teaming and workshop strategies.

HR Strategy

Assist HR leaders with insights into the department’s function and scope by developing a service delivery model with the correct resourcing level and a 90-day action plan.

Enterprise Talent Strategy

Develop a cohesive, strategic plan for engaging the current workforce—and developing future resources—that align the talent with your organization’s business goals and strategy.

Strategic Architecture

Partner with senior leadership to create a high-level strategic roadmap by aligning objectives, goals, and accountabilities. As priorities change, the flexibility of the plan can be leveraged to better understand how the changes will affect both the strategy itself and organizational outcomes.