Talent Insights Blog - May 2015 | Felix Global Corp.

How to Answer Interview Questions About Termination

Workplace terminations are common and can happen to the best of us. Organizations are constantly restructuring their departments and even high performers sometimes get ‘restructured out’ since their roles fall on the chopping block. Being terminated from a job … Read More

What to Consider About Competency Models When Utilizing 360-Degree Feedback

By Dr. Sandra Mashihi, Senior consultant with Envisia Learning, Inc

Imagine you are shopping for a piece of antique furniture. Before purchasing it, you want to do some research about the product. You may want to find out about its … Read More

Coaching as an Attraction and Retention Strategy

Understanding what it takes to attract and keep top talent engaged is important. However, sometimes the reasons why top talent will leave an organization are more telling. Some leading employee disengagement factors causing top talent (at all levels) to … Read More