Talent Insights Blog - April 2015 | Felix Global Corp.

Trends in Personality Assessments and Applications

Personality Assessments have been used by psychologists for many years to determine an individual’s personality traits and help her to leverage them to effectively interact with others.  Human resources executives and organizations have recognized the importance of these tools and … Read More

Build Internal Talent Pools for that Competitive Edge

The importance of talent as a key differentiator cannot be overemphasized in today’s competitive environment. Organizations that do not have the right individuals in the most critical roles tend to lag in growth, innovation, and might struggle to keep … Read More

FELIX supports Women Against Multiple Sclerosis (WAMS)

Felix attended and sponsored contributions for Women Against Multiple Sclerosis (WAMS) luncheon that was held on Thursday April 16 2015. 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of this luncheon and we are proud to be associated with the cause and help … Read More

5 Tips to stay calm during a job interview

Job interviews can be stressful and they can cause applicants to buckle under pressure and fall prey to anxiety and nervousness.  There is no denying that interviews are the most important part of the job application process. But letting your … Read More

Is Your Performance Management System Truly Driving Performance?

Performance management is a standard process that is usually present in some form in every organized business. It is a process created with the aim of managing individual performance, which together helps to manage organizational productivity and holds employees … Read More