Talent Insights Blog - March 2015 | Felix Global Corp.

Getting the Best References Together For Your Next Job

To maximize your chance of getting the job you have interviewed for, you need to put some thought into the selection process of your references. We have previously discussed 4 steps you need to keep in mind while preparing for … Read More

Gender Balance on Boards

The gender gap and the need for women in leadership have become topics of broad discussion in the business world. On the subject of gender diversity on boards, large Canadian companies are already making amendments incorporating more women … Read More

Adopting the Coaching Technique to Manage a Team

Effective teams are the driving force for successful organizations; and effective teams are built by superior management skills. Employees reach their highest potential when given an opportunity as well as the right direction by their manager. One of the essential … Read More

Harnessing Your Brand to Attract Top Talent

The shortage of good talent is increasingly a talked about subject, moving beyond HR circles, and keeping senior executives up at night. Attracting top talent for any level in the organization is a strategic imperative. Without the right talent, … Read More