Talent Insights Blog - November 2014 | Felix Global Corp.

Redefining talent strategy to attract and retain Millennials

By 2025, millennials will make up as much as 75% of the work force. Millennials are a growing part of the workforce, today and tomorrow! Organizations today are facing major challenges in attracting and retaining millennial talent. Last year, … Read More

Guide to use LinkedIn Effectively for Job Search

As a job-seeker, you might have come across innumerable articles with tips on how to network on LinkedIn. However, the casual LinkedIn job-seeker might have limited knowledge in using LinkedIn as a job search tool. Besides … Read More

5 Networking Tips for Introverts

Networking often comes across as an activity meant for extroverts, after all extroverts thrive in and derive energy from people around them. Networking can appear to be an uncomfortable endeavor for introverts, who derive energy from private … Read More

6 essential tips for an elevator speech

An elevator speech or ‘pitch’ has become a critical aspect to the personal branding and job search process. These few words describe what a professional has accomplished in their career, their interests and represent their expertise. An elevator speech … Read More