Talent Insights Blog - October 2014 | Felix Global Corp.

How to motivate your teams to ensure sustainable growth

CEOs of most Fortune® 500 companies will tell you that great business success is achieved on the back of heightened employee performance.

It is also known that different approaches to motivation work for different employees and teams, and rarely does … Read More

Cover Letter 101 – Tips for writing a job winning cover letter

A cover letter is an integral part of any job application and should always accompany the resume. Writing an engaging cover letter that captures the reader’s attention is sometimes a challenging task. However a well crafted cover letter can help you … Read More

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity and inclusion are not only important to ensure appropriate policies for all employees but also to showcase to customers, clients, vendors and other external stakeholders that the employee population well represents the community in which they do business. … Read More