Talent Insights Blog - September 2014 | Felix Global Corp.

Tips to optimize your resume for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Last week, we spoke about the surge in the implementation of the Applicant Tracking System by companies for the purpose of hiring candidates.

Below are a few insider tips on how to ensure that your resume scores high on the … Read More

What you need to know about Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Now that summer is over, it’s that time of the year when job seekers update their resumes and start ‘hunting’ afresh. Job searchers upload their resume on a company’s career portal and then sometimes don’t hear from the company for … Read More

Event: Redefining the Predictors of Successful Change: Givers, Takers and Matchers

In a networked world, what are the keys to successful change?  Who are the best performers in an interdependent and collaborative workplace? Today, success is progressively reliant on how we interact with others and has quickly shifted from an … Read More

Announcing The WCM Executive Coaching Award Program 2015

The Women in Capital Markets (WCM) Executive Coaching Award Program 2015 is now accepting nominations and Felix Global is proud to once again be the title sponsors for the program. (See eligibility requirements below).

In the Canadian capital markets industry, there are … Read More

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Implementing 360 Feedback – Part 2

This article is the the second part of a 2 parts series on avoiding common mistakes when implementing 360-degree feedback.

Mistake 7: Not clarifying the purpose of feedback

It can cause great confusion if you don’t make sure people know … Read More