Talent Insights Blog - July 2014 | Felix Global Corp.

Redefining Talent With More Women In Leadership

In the context of the war for talent, women not being leveraged is a missed opportunity for organizations set to achieve business success.

According to research by Dr. Julian Barling, Borden Professor of Leadership in the Queen’s School of … Read More

6 tips for having difficult conversations

We often come across conflicts and difficult conversations in our professional lives. Difficult conversations are those that we practice over and over in our head, trying to figure out in advance what to say and wondering afterwards what we should … Read More

Elements of change management for an effective organization

In our past few articles, FELIX has described many facets of change.  Our “hands on” real-world experiences, along with our developed expertise, have been well utilized across a diversity of industries over many years—helping our customers become more … Read More

Seeking and Receiving Feedback

Seeking feedback from our manager and colleagues is an important ingredient in our career and professional development.  Feedback can be a very powerful tool in communicating an employee’s existing strengths as well as … Read More