Talent Insights Blog - April 2014 | Felix Global Corp.

Build an Online Reputation that Impacts Your Job Search

Social media and the internet have allowed us to expand our professional network and accelerate the job search process. However, they are the same tools that allow us to post personal comments and pictures … Read More

FELIX cheering on Sr. Consultant on her return to the Boston Marathon 2014

FELIX would like to congratulate Margaret Grant, Senior Consultant & Executive Coach, who is running the Boston Marathon 2014 today! Margaret ran the iconic marathon last year, successfully completed the race, but unfortunately  witnessed the horrible terrorist attack … Read More

Championing Change in a Restructured Organization

One of the bigger challenges facing managers today is finding ways to optimize the performance of downsized teams which may be facing morale issues.

Studies have shown that many employees lose focus after events such as restructurings … Read More

5 Essential Body Language Tips For Your Next Job Interview

It is said, body language is a critical factor that determines your success in a professional setting.  A perfect posture helps you come across as being extremely professional, influence the people you interact with, and present your … Read More

Performance through People – Relationship Building as an HR Best Practice

Frequently, we get asked about our point of view—the Felix point of view—on business strategies for optimal business performance.  Our answer is always the same.  Strategies must be founded in PEOPLE and the RELATIONSHIPS they create and hold.

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