Talent Insights Blog - March 2014 | Felix Global Corp.

Digital Solutions to Fast Track your Job Search

Searching for a job is undoubtedly a stressful phase in your life and a competitive job market can make it more difficult. Digital tools via the internet and mobile phones have made a … Read More

The 2014 WCM Executive Coaching Award Program

Felix Global is proud to once again announce our annual title sponsorship of the 2014 Women in Capital Markets (WCM) Executive Coaching Award Program (see eligibility requirements below).

The WCM Executive Coaching Award is designed to support the development … Read More

The Team With The Best Players Wins

Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, was once asked what his greatest challenges were while turning GE’s success around.  His reply was straight from the gut—“people, people, and people.”

Jack had it right.

Sculpting a Successor for your Organization

All organizations – Large or small need to think about succession planning and the need to create a formal leadership succession program

The transition of key leadership roles can be sensitive and often results in … Read More