Talent Insights Blog - February 2014 | Felix Global Corp.

Trends in HR Analytics for shaping Talent strategies

How do organizations go about managing performances amongst their workforce? How do organizations leverage the efficiencies of their best employees? Work force planning initiatives are constantly undertaken by organizations, however instead of a ‘tick box’ approach leaders need to implement … Read More

Team Optimization – Road to Sustainable Change

Change shakes things up.  In the past, change was not so prevalent, and what leaders are now finding is that their people are unable to just “roll with it.”  The toughest aspect of any change project is not the work—it’s … Read More

Sponsorship – An Essential Element For the Organization’s Success

It is well attested that high potential employees are invaluable. They are instrumental in providing shape to the organizations vision and aligning operations and initiatives to the overarching strategy. It has also been identified (through innumerable studies) that proactive support … Read More

The Importance of Networking in a Social-media Driven Marketplace

The social-media charged marketplace is making connections even more apparent and necessary. Online job postings now attract more candidates than ever. Online professional groups share ‘leads and feeds’. With companies now receiving anywhere from 100 … Read More